Incredulity and obstinacy

Easter Saturday

Mark 16:9-15 

Despite the Risen Jesus in front of them and announced by the fellow disciples, some of the disciples maintained their incredulity and obstinacy. 

We are entitled to what we believe in.  But the least we can do is to respect the convictions of others and our own convictions as well.  Just as what St. Peter said, "It is better for us to follow God rather than man," our faith does not depend on man but on God.

Conviction to believe is a lot better than than lack of faith and hardness of heart.  A faithful without faith will rely on logic.  He will also depend on himself for his own personal survival.  But all his actions will account to nothing.

The faithful person will rely on God's will for his salvation.  He will also focused on giving life to others and not just himself.  And third, his actions to result to life everlasting.

If we have faith on the Risen Lord, increase it!

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