The triumph of love

Divine Mercy Sunday (2nd Sunday of Easter)

John 20: 19  - 31

 We see in movies that love triumphs in the end.  Unless we believe so, we won’t have any need for divorces or separations knowing full well that love triumphs in the end. 

The Resurrection of Jesus marks the triumph of love that even death cannot swallow it. And in all our readings, love triumphs in the end:

First, there were no needy in the community. There were no needy because the Christians didn’t hesitate donating for others according to their needs.  They would willingly sell their resources for others.

Second, everyone is obedient to God. This is the mark of a true triumph of love.  Unlike our first parents, the obedience of Jesus shattered the very core of sin which is disobedience.

Finally, being sent.  The apostles never hesitated to prioritize the work of Jesus above their own.  Their mission marked their lives to the end. 

Eventually, the fruit of love is peace, our elusive dream for a better world and a situation where heaven and earth meet.