What does our baptism mean?

Easter Tuesday

John 20:11-18

Baptism comes from the Greek word "baptisein" meaning "to be immersed in".

For us Filipinos, it can be a time of celebration for the christening of a new-born member of the family.  

But perhaps we have lost sight of the real meaning of our baptism. 

Last Easter, we renewed our promise of baptism, to denounce satan and believe in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  We attest to this by the fact of our baptism, our "immersion" in the world of Jesus Christ.  It is a wonder why, despite the good intentions of the Church, we still fail to observe this promise in our daily lives.

We need to renew our baptismal promises each day.  We need to remind ourselves that we are Christians, followers of Jesus.  This means the following;

First, being aware that we have made a decision to be totally immersed in God's world through Jesus.  Having a Christian name is not enough.  Unless we know Jesus in the deepest way possible, the promise of baptism remains a potential.

Second, constantly denouncing sin, even if it has become second skin.  Others would say, "What's the use of trying?" Still, others attack, "Katoliko ka pa naman!"  But it is better for us to denounce sin to the face and struggle throughout our lives to change rather than not having tried at all.

Third, proclaiming our baptism everyday in word and action to others.  This was what Mary Magdalene was meant to do, proclaim the resurrection of Jesus.  After her, there were countless men and women narrating the Resurrection to all generation, including our own.  Let us give witness to the Resurrection by giving hope to others.  These are the ways we can fulfill the promises of our baptism.

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