What is our concept of life?

Friday of the 3rd week of Eastertide

John 6:52-59 

What is life? 

There are those who simply want to receive life.  They may be the ones who are fall in line to get relief from the community panty, but when the relief is gone, they're also doing nothing.  They just want to live.

There are those who are busy surviving.  They can also live.  But they don't have the zeal to share life to others.  For them, life is survival.
Then, there are those who have no difficulty giving to others and asking nothing for themselves.  They must be truly blessed!
The gospel tells us of a special kind of life, and we need to undergo the conversion process of St. Paul before we can truly experience how it is to live.
First, "Without me, you can do nothing" or "If you don't eat my flesh, you will not have life in you."  How many worked only for life here on earth that would just end in death?  Go beyond life and you'll see God.
Second, "Live in me as I live in you."  This is life in total intimacy with God, living in it as well as life living in God."  How much of God is in our thoughts, words, and actions?
Third, "Anyone who eats this bread will live forever."  Which of our thoughts, words, and actions, account for everlasting life? 
As we go back to our regular lives, we will be eating the same food and walking in our chosen paths.  We might want to have a second look at that bread which the Lord gave us to eat and consider that everything we do or say should account for eternal life with the Lord in heaven.