Why do we continue to sin even after the Resurrection?

"Descent to Limbo", Giotto di Bondone
 3rd Sunday of Easter

Luke 24:35-48 

After the Resurrection of Jesus happened 2,000 years ago, did humankind finally stop sinning?

No, the effects of sin continues to engulf us even after the Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus. But we are encouraged by this Sunday's readings to adhere to Jesus, no matter what the costs are.

First, because despite the gravity of sin, Jesus will always be above sin.  He resurrected from the dead.  Sin could not stop him from rising from the dead.  His love is greater than death.

Second, as Jesus resurrected from death, so we are challenged to rise above our sinfulness. St. John simply tells us to "stop sinning!" Turn to Jesus every time we sin. The only thing that matters is not succumbing to sin for the rest of our lives.

Third, Jesus gave us a command to proclaim the forgiveness of sins to all nations.  This is the true path toward peace - the path of reconciliation and journeying in love for God and one another.