11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 4:26-34

We're totally aware that we need direction in life?  But little do w know that there's an underlying current that it's the world that gives direction to life - power, achievement, wealth - all these give fulfillment to life's efforts.  We work for these till we realize that time passed us by and we haven't done anything really sensible, even meaningful. 

God, who is the Author of life and being, is the only One capable of giving direction in life.  And like the image of the seed being planted, our lives will yield fruit only through his power and intent.   We call God's plan "Kingdom of God".  Anything apart from the kingdom is totally useless unless used for his purpose. 

To attain the kingdom, first, we have to admit that we are not our kingdom.  Every kingdom, no matter how powerful, falls in the end.  Only God's kingdom lasts forever.  It has a blueprint for being and it was sealed by the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  

Second, Jesus is our kingdom. Know every nook and corner of Jesus.  Search his heart, learn from his actions.  He is the unfolding of God's kingdom.  He is the direction we are taking.

Third, let's work actively for the kingdom.  This world is not our kingdom, but it can be a stepping stone to attain the Kingdom - of love, peace, and justice right here on earth.  It is a kingdom where God is king and we are his obedient disciples till we reach the fulfillment of the kingdom at the end of our lives.

Our lives mark the unfolding and growth of God's kingdom.   Let's start realizing it in our lives.  That is the real direction of life.