Jesus, in emptying himself, can forgive us.

First word: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Jesus has the capacity, the space, and the heart to forgive us. 


Before we can forgive, we need to know what happens when we not forgive. 

In unforgiveness, there are many things inside our hearts, "Why should I forgive, the other did not ask for forgiveness or he/ she was insincere."

Thus, we are not empty. 

Call it baggage.  The Church calls it: enslavement to sin.  We are unfree when we unforgive.

God forgives

We need to take a leap of faith to forgive. 

Like in the documentary, "His death would not bring my dead daughter back to life."  The parents found in their hearts to forgive.  Because the love they have for their daughter is greater than any of the sins done against her. 

What happens when we forgive?  We are freed from our enslavement, ill feelings, anger, envy, and hatred.  Every negative emotion is replaced by love. and love frees.

Secondly, it is a direct mirror of God.  it is not important what I feel or how i feel it.  What's more important is that forgiveness is coming of God.  It is an attribute of God. 

forgive, then

How do we develop an attitude of forgiveness then?

First, realize that this world is wounded by continuous sins.  Even the Church is wounded.  That's why the church is likened to a hospital.  We join the Church not because we are perfect, but because we are wounded.  Day and night, we will be confronted by situations of sin, ill feelings, hatred, division, and hurts. But don't worry; accept all of these as opportunities of forgiveness.

Second, make a commitment to forgive. It takes time to forgive.  We are not as perfect as Jesus is.  We treat healing in terms of antibiotics received is regular times a day, and number of days needed for us to heal. 

Finally, attribute all forgiveness to God.  Only God can forgive.  And He forgives in us.