Each day with the Lord


Acts 16: 22-34/ Ps 138: 1-2ab. 2cde-3. 7c-8/ Jn 16: 5-11

Tuesday of the 6th week of Eastertide

John 16:5-11

The Holy Spirit guides us each day, revealing to us the presence of the Lord and teaching us how to stay close to Jesus.


This is what happened to St. Paul and his companions.  Though subjected to all sorts of persecutions, they didn't cease to preach the Good News. They were honest.  They didn't escape prison although they could have done it.  This caused the conversion of the gaoler.

We may do a lot of things, but only with the Holy Spirit can we make each day special.  What can our typical day be like?

First, each day is an opportunity for us to be sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit – a kind word or deed from another is enough to acknowledge the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Second, each is an opportunity to respond to the Holy Spirit – to respond also in kindness and truth. 

Third, each day is an opportunity to endure sufferings for love of God, instead on wallowing in revenge or focus on our own rights and entitlement. 

Rejoice then, for the Lord continues to be with us!