2023 JUN 1 THU: JUSTIN, MT M 

Sir 42: 15-25/ Ps 33: 2-3. 4-5. 6-7. 8-9/ Mk 10: 46-52 

What image can we give to faith?  There are many, among them, the Star of David, an anchor, or even a dove.  But what caught my attention was the image of a butterfly.  Even the butterfly I suppose doesn’t know it is such.  From being a selfish caterpillar, it must enter its metamorphosis into a beautiful butterfly. 

Jesus said to the blind man, “Your faith has saved you.” What kind of a powerful gift of the Holy Spirit is faith to us? 

Faith is simply a product of our relationship with the Divine Master; our ability to detect his presence.

Faith involves entrusting oneself to the Master as one does to a friend.  "I believe in you" means we have total faith in him before all else.  That is faith.

Finally, faith is the realization of the envisioned restoration.  "Amen" is our firm conviction that God is in control of all things and He will bring it to completion.  Our action then is our response in faith.  We will serve the Lord. 

Quote from St. Justin, martyr: “We used to hate and destroy one another and refused to associate with people of another race or country. Now, because of Christ, we live together with such people and pray for our enemies.”