21 December
Let our prayer this day be to find joy in serving others.

Mary began her ministry to Elizabeth. The baby in her womb leapt with joy.

That is joy. A friend patiently awaits the arrival of a dear friend.  Another friend, on the other hand, feels perfect joy in serving his friend unconditionally.

Such is our life as Christians, patiently waiting with joy. When is service a joyful activity?

First, when it is done voluntarily. I am not forced to serve. It is of my own free will that I serve. There comes a time in our lives when all the services done to us are enough. It is time for us to give ourselves to others and not receive anything.

Second, when it is done unconditionally. The best opportunity to serve is when one does not owe us anything. Our reward in heaven will be great.

Third, when it is done for the complete good of others, not for oneself, when it gives us joy to see others fully alive as we are. God's joy is man fully alive.

Have we not noticed? When we serve others, we also serve ourselves.