The vocation of the family

Christmas: the unfolding of a new world

Day 9, simbang gabi - our commitment to bring Christ into the world

Day 8, Simbang gabi: realizing our vocation

Day 7: the thankful heart

Day 6: reclaiming the innocence of Paradise

To mirror God's love

Day 4: Help us in our unbelief

Day 3: God's masterplan in actuality

Day 2: the grace to acknowledge God's presence in our world

Day 1 of Misa de Gallo: a call to trust the Lord


Why we celebrate the Immaculate Conception

2nd Sunday of Advent

First Sunday of Advent

My kingdom is not of this world

33rd Sunday, Cycle B

The miracle of generosity

The fruit of seeing

True wealth

Mama Mary, pray for us

The law of love

The true servant

Happy brithday, Mama Mary!

To see as God sees

Have we compromised our faith?

We are on FACEBOOK!

3 levels of faith

Knowledge and Wisdom

Call to a livelier faith