Religious freedom, the path to peace

Our family this Christmas

Prince of Peace

The ultimate preparation for Christmas

The gift of prophecy

True joy is the gift of the Holy Spirit

The fruits of Christmas

Fulfilling our Fiat

God with us

Be docile to God

God in the familiy

The face of salvation

How to see the extraordinary in the ordinary

On promises

The false Christmas vs. the true one

Christ the King

The wheel of fortune

Be faithful

The day I stopped praying

16th Sunday, set C

The closeness of God

Be a modern-day disciple

How deeply do we know Jesus?


Become the Eucharist

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity


Ascension Sunday

Final commendations

Earning heaven the hard way

Saints in heaven

The cliches of being a Catholic and what we can do to change them

In search for lasting peace

The power of the resurrection

The washing of the feet, the paschal offering, and Jesus

Let us enter into Jerusalem!

Intimacy with Jesus

Be a new creation

Who are you Lord?

Our transfigurations

The real score of temptations

To be truly blessed

God's word vs. man's word

Will the real Christian please stand?

God's word

Symbol of humility

Baptism of the Lord

To be "magus"