The first thing we see

Food for daily living

Every Catholic is a disciple

On providing



How far should real love go?

What is our concept of life?

Why do we continue to sin even after the Resurrection?

In the world but not of this world

Are we in the light?

Incredulity and obstinacy

The triumph of love

Recognizing Jesus even in pandemic

What does our baptism mean?


He will be glorified

How suffering can be salvific

Are we "one nation"?

"I AM."

Covenant: what covenant?

Remove that stiff-neckedness!

Why unity is so important

Jesus and this pandemic

A wedding homily

Rejoice in these important things

Putting God first

How to be fully human

Key to authentic forgiveness

What makes a prophet?

Trust in God, not the world

Eradicating evil